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Legendsverse is a self-funded project, that with your support will become the ultimate Marvel Legends source of truth for all Legends collectors.

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What other collectors think of Legendsverse

  • Legendsverse is more than just a checklist, it is a site DEVOTED to anyone who has an interest in Marvel Legends action figures.

    bgw427, member since January 2021

  • It's so cool to have on one site to keep up with all the newest releases, what I've bought, what I want, and to have my collection catalogued, so I know, what I've spent and what something might be worth

    jamesandhistoys, member since March 2021

  • This is more than just a checklist. I've done those other sites. This checklist actually will chart your investment into your collection as well as give you an estimated collection value based on average eBay sales.

    Snriac3, member since Jun 2021

  • This site is so helpful to me in my collecting, that I really can't understand why more people wouldn't be already using it.

    Broham_McBroski, member since Jan 2021

  • I cannot understate how critical this site is for anyone in the Legends game.

    Clanure, member since Jan 2021

What do you get with an account?

  • Collection market value

    Keep track of the history value of your collection, obtained from real data from closed auctions

  • Collection investment

    Know exactly how much you've invested in your collection over the years.

  • Wishlist

    List the figures that you've been hunting but haven't found.

  • Incoming list

    List the figures that you've preordered and keep track of their status, price, and store you bought it from, with useful notes.

  • Social feed

    Share your photos, collection status, reviews, and more with other members of Legendsverse

  • Spotlight page

    Share your collection stats with everyone in the internet

  • Custom collections

    Yeah, we all want to group our figures in the teams we watched and read as kids, like the 92's X-Men!

  • Custom figures

    Upload the custom figures you've built, and tell other users what you used and how you built it.

  • Displays

    Upload photos of your displays and share them with other collectors.

  • All ToyBiz and Hasbro figures

    Been collecting since the ToyBiz era? We got you covered.