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This is more than just a checklist. I've done those other sites. This checklist actually will chart your investment into your collection as well as give you an estimated collection value based on average eBay sales.


It's so cool on one site to keep up with all the newest releases, what I've bought, what I want, and to have my collection catalogued so I know what I've spent and what something might be worth.


This site is so helpful to me in my collecting, that I really can't understand why more people wouldn't be already using it.


Having a place to track wants/haves has been a tremendous help. Keep up the great work!


One of the best things I've seen in a while, just signed up!


I can't recommend this site enough!


I can not understate how critical this site is for anyone in the Legends game.


I use your app every day and is truly the best for Marvel Legends Collectors!