Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello Marvel Legends collection tracker

Legendsverse's ad-free and lightning-fast collection tracker helps you manage your collection expenses, track your collection market value, and curate your wishlist effortlessly.

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Legendsverse is more than just a checklist, it is a site DEVOTED to anyone who has an interest in Marvel Legends action figures.

bgw427, member since January 2021

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The most complete Marvel Legends checklist

More than a checklist. Legendsverse has all the figures ever made, from Toy Biz Toad to HasLab Galactus, all laid out in an easy-to-search-system

  • 1200+ figures
  • 100+ waves
  • 80+ Build-A-Figures
  • 430+ Characters
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The ultimate collection price guide

Know how much your collection and any released figure are worth. Numbers are updated weekly based on average eBay sales.

Compare how much you spent on a figure against its current worth.

Hello bona fide bragging rights.

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Track and view your entire collection in one place

Organize and inventory your collection, complete BAFs, and upload your favorite displays to your personal dashboard.

Group your figures in teams, like the X-Men 92, Uncanny X-Force, and the Original Avengers.

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Interact with fellow collectors

Share your collection, wishlist, and teams with a custom dashboard showcasing your stats and collection value. See what other members are hunting and adding to their collection, leave reviews, and comment other collectors displays.

Legendsverse is built for both newbies and longtime fans.

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It's so cool to have on one site to keep up with all the newest releases, what I've bought, what I want, and to have my collection catalogued, so I know, what I've spent and what something might be worth

This is more than just a checklist. I've done those other sites. This checklist actually will chart your investment into your collection as well as give you an estimated collection value based on average eBay sales.

I cannot understate how critical this site is for anyone in the Legends game.

This site is so helpful to me in my collecting, that I really can't understand why more people wouldn't be already using it.

Frequently asked questions

Why not make the app free?
Because nothing's really free. Other "free" sites and apps are stocked with tracking pixels and filled with grotesque ads. We do none of them here. Also I want to work on this app full-time. I'm here for the long haul. If I don't find a way to monetize this I won't be able to do so.
Can I upgrade my recurring subscription to lifetime?
Of course. Just shoot me an email to ame[email protected] and we'll figure it out.
How much is Legendsverse?
Legendsverse is $40/yr.
Can I get a refund?
Sure. You can contact me at [email protected] 7 days after you've been charged and we can figure it out.
Who is the best X-Men?

Who am I? You sure you wanna know?

My name is Alejandro Medina, and I'm glad you've stopped by. On April 2020, I began collecting Mavel Legends. My first figure was a Caliban Wave Weapon X. That was meant to be the only figure I'd purchase, but you know how it goes. I currently have more than 50 figures in my collection. I'm a member of the Marvel Legends subreddit and have been reading comic books since I was a kid in the early 90s. And you can contact me at [email protected].