Keep track of your
Marvel Legends

Legendsverse the most complete and easy to use Marvel Legends tracking app.

A better way to collect Marvel Legends

Keep track of the figures you own, what BAF parts you are missing and how much have you invested on your collection over the years.

Keep track of your the figures you own and the ones you are missing

We collectors want to know how much we've been investing in our collection. Which figures we own, which figures we are currently hunting and how much we've spent over the years. Now you can do so:

  • ToyBiz and Hasbro figures

    Been collecting since the ToyBiz era? We got you covered.

  • Wishlist

    List the figures that you've been hunting but haven't found.

  • Collection investment

    Know exactly how much you've invested in your collection over the years.

But also share your collection

But we also want to showcase our collection and let it receive some love. We want other collectors to see the teams we complete, the custom figures we build, and the awesome displays we manage to set up.

  • Custom figures

    Upload the custom figures you've built, and tell other users what you used and how you built it.

  • Custom collections

    Yeah, we all want to group our figures in the teams we watched and read as kids, like the 92's X-Men!

  • Displays

    Upload photos of your displays and share them with other collectors.

Upcoming Features

Activity Feed
View other collectors acquisitions, collections and custom figures
Figure and wave reviews
Let others know what do you think of the new House of X Cyclops figure
Progressive Web Application
Almost like a mobile app but you won't need to install or download it, just bookmark it on your home screen.
iOS and Android app
A mobile app with all the cool stuff that come with it.
Collection value
View your collection current value. Calculated from ebay sold figures and others.
Dark mode
Everybody is doing it now.
Sell that BAF piece that you will never use. Buyyour missing grail, or just buy some spare parts for the new custom figure you are building

Simple pricing

If you're not satisfied, get in touch within the first 7 days and I'll send you a full refund.

Lifetime Membership

What's included

  • Wishlist

  • Every Marvel Legends figure ever released

  • Figures current market value

  • And more to come!

Legendsverse will contribute 5% of your purchase to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Pay once, get access forever

$19.99 USD

Frequently asked questions

Why not make the app free?
Because nothing's really free. Other "free" sites and apps are stocked with tracking pixels and filled with grotesque ads. We do none of them here. Also I want to work on this app full-time. I'm here for the long haul. If I don't find a way to monetize this I won't be able to do so.
Can I upgrade my recurring subscription to lifetime?
Of course. Just shoot me an email to amedina@mylegendscollection.com and we'll figure it out.
How much is Legendsverse?
Legendsverse is $19.99 and that's all you won't be charged again, you get lifetime access to every released and upcoming feature.
Can I get a refund?
Sure. You can contact me at amedina@mylegendscollection.com 7 days after you've been charged and we can figure it out.
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Who am I? You sure you wanna know?

My name is Alejandro Medina. I started collecting Mavel Legends on April 2020. My first figure was a Weapon X from the Caliban Wave. That was supposed to be the only figure I'd buy but you know how this goes. I currently own 40 figures. I'm a member of the Marvel Legends sub. I've been reading comics since I was a little kid in the early 90s. And you can contact me at amedina@mylegendscollection.com.