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Your Marvel Legends collection in the palm of your hand

Simplify Marvel Legends collecting. Stay on top of your collection, know its worth, and complete your teams effortlessly.

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Is your Marvel Legends collection getting out of hand?

Purchasing doubles and wasting money

Missing new figures and exclusives

Messy Spreadsheet

Losing track of your most valuable figures

Missing out on completing your most wanted teams

Struggling to trade or sell

Simplify Your
and Achieve an Organized and Valuable Collection

Enjoy Peace of Mind

No more searching through clutter. Your collection is always organized.

Feel Confident in Your Collection’s Worth

Accurately track the value of your collection. Know when to buy and when to sell at all times.

Achieve Collection Goals

Identify and acquire missing figures to complete your teams. Look at your complete collection with joy.

Monitor your Collection Value, Identify Grails, and Manage Hauls with Ease.

Discover your collection's worth

Track your collection's investment growth and value increase over time.

Alejandro Medina


$2,685 39%


Classify figures by team or theme, unveiling missing pieces quickly.

Norman Osborn's Cabal

Mighty Avengers

Uncanny X-Force

Maximum Carnage

Make your collection unique

Add your grails, rate your figures, rename them, upload photos to identify them, and add your customs.

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Ben Reilly

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Norman Osborn

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Lady Bullseye

More than Legends

Legendsverse also tracks DC Multiverse, G.I. Joe, Mafex, and Marvel Select, with more coming soon!


DC Multiverse

G.I. Joe

Marvel Select

Track your Preorders

Have a clear overview of all your incoming figures and their state.

What other Marvel Legends collectors are saying

Legendsverse has been running since 2020, and is trusted by more than 550 Marvel Legends collectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Legendsverse for?

Legendsverse helps you to organize your collection, chart your expenses, and know what figures you have and what figures you are missing.

How does Legendsverse knows the value of my collection?

Each week Legendsverse checks all closed eBay auctions of each figure in its database and calculates their average market value.

What action figures lines does Legendsverse track?

Legendsverse tracks GI Joe Classified, all Marvel Legends figures (Toy Biz, and Hasbro), and the recent Marvel Kenner figures. More lines like Neca, Diamond Select, Black Series, Mafex, and DC Multiverse will be added soon.

Can I get a refund

Absolutly. Get in touch in the next 30 days after your payment and you'll get a refund. No questions asked.

Who am I? You sure you wanna know?

My name is Alejandro Medina, and I'm glad you've stopped by. On April 2020, I began collecting Mavel Legends. My first figure was a Caliban Wave Weapon X. That was meant to be the only figure I'd purchase, but you know how it goes. I currently have more than 80 figures in my collection. I'm a member of the Marvel Legends subreddit and have been reading comic books since I was a kid in the early 90s. And you can contact me at [email protected].