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Start tracking your Marvel Legends collection value and investment

Get access to all existing and upcoming Legendsverse features. Legendsverse is the ultimate Marvel Legends tool, trusted by 500+ collectors

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$37 one-time payment

  • Track collection value
  • Track collection investment
  • Add unlimited figures to collection
  • Add unlimited figures to wishlist
  • Add unlimited figures to incoming list
  • Upload unlimited displays
  • Create unlimited teams
  • Create unlimited custom figures
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  • Track collection value
  • Track collection investment
  • Add 50 figures to collection
  • Add 10 figures to wishlist
  • Add 10 figures to incoming list
  • Upload 25 displays
  • Create 5 teams
  • Create 5 custom figures
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It's so cool on one site to keep up with all the newest releases, what I've bought, what I want, and to have my collection catalogued so I know what I've spent and what something might be worth.


What other collectors are saying

I’ve been on this for a while now and have to say the consistency of updates and tracking data is excellent. No regrets.


signed up and added 250+ to the collection. Gotta say it was super easy, straight forward and a will now be my go to means for cataloging the collection.


I signed up. I haven't bought a lot of figures recently, so if nothing else this will keep me engaged with the hobby, give me something to do as I wait for more figures I want.


Definitely a plus for your collection, with 400+ figures it enables me to understand what I actually have and need.


Just joined the other day, especially after I realized I bought 2 Cables I already had. Realized I need to have something to track my collection, boom, found Legendsverse.


My collection has just hit the 530 count and there is no way I could keep all of it straight without Legendsverse. I am in the process of setting up my display and really like the option to assign figures to groups. I have done this with all my figures and am using it as a design outline for my shelves basically.


I'd suggest you check out Legendsverse. It will tell you all you need to know


Been a user for a while now. This has been great as my collection is around 400 figs and I ended up buying a few duplicates before I took the time to get my collection up to speed on the site so I wouldn’t do that again. Now that I’m selling off a lot of my figs I’ve found this to be great to reference which wave a figure came from and what accessories went along with it. 5⭐️


I've been keeping up with your work (bawler stuff) but hadn't jumped in. Great deal, definitely going to give it a go!