Sep 21th 2021

Sep 15th 2021

Sep 14th 2021

Sep 11th 2021

Sep 10th 2021

Sep 7th 2021

  • Generates blog post meta images dynamically
  • Added featured images to blog posts
  • Added Eternals wave

Aug 28th 2021

Aug 23th 2021

Aug 21th 2021

Aug 7th 2021

  • Added pagination to figures index
  • Added incoming figure status to My Collection

July 27th 2021

  • Added pagination to waves index
  • Added icon with figures count to checklist wave index
  • Added icon with BAF pieces count to checklist wave index

July 26th 2021

July 20th 2021

  • Users can export their collection into an excel file

July 12th 2021

  • Added Social cards for Waves

July 7th 2021

July 3th 2021

  • Added Custom Collections index and page
  • Custom Collections have a dynamic social card
  • Figures can be added to custom collection from My Collection page
  • Generate social card image for figures every night
  • Generate Wishlist social card images using Social Card service instead of doing it inside of Legendsverse

July 1st 2021

  • Generate My Collection social card images using Social Card service instead of doing it inside of Legendsverse

June 28th 2021

  • My collection can be sorted by wave
  • My collection shows figures wave
  • My collection shows figures release date

June 26th 2021

  • Removed infinite scroll from My Collection page
  • My collection can be ordered by release date and name
  • My collection can be sorted by ascending and descending order
  • My collection can be paginated by 12, 25, 50 and 100 items
  • View My Collection

June 24th 2021

  • A feature for trading has been released. Learn the full post

June 23th 2021

  • Collection page has user stats
  • Added collections link on menu
  • Fixed collection breadcrumbs

June 22th 2021

June 17th 2021

  • Added hero section on checklist home
  • Fixed wishlists meta image header

June 10th 2021

  • Added featured wishlists to checklist home
  • Wishlist meta image is generated every night
  • Moved Wishlist view to checklist layout

June 8th 2021

  • Added collection value to collections meta image
  • Added collections filter
  • Added collections index

June 5th 2021

  • Added featured collections to checklist home
  • My Collection meta image is generated every night
  • Moved My collection view to checklist layout
  • Moved changelog view to checklist layout
  • Added retail price to figures

June 4th 2021

  • Removed demo account feature
  • Removed free-trial accounts
  • Improved subscription flow
  • Set up a command to remove innactive trial accounts

June 2nd 2021

  • Fixed a bug that wasn't showing completed BAF figures on My Collection view
  • Added Collection current value, collection investment and total collected items to home view

May 31th 2021

  • Legendsverse has an activity feed
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing clicking on packagings on the packagings list

May 28th 2021

  • Improved scrapping integration

May 24th 2021

  • Added buttons to interact with figures and waves on checklists pages
  • Created a discord channel

May 21th 2021

  • Added figures current value in checklist
  • Added Infinity Saga Captain America figure
  • Now showing every completed BAF Figure on My Collection view
  • BAF Figures can be added to collection in one click
  • Added BAF Figure dedicated view

May 20th 2021

  • Added open Checklist pages
  • Moved activity feed to social page
  • Show latest added items on home page

May 19th 2021

  • Remove BAF parts from "My Collection" view

May 17th 2021

May 14th 2021

  • Added release notes link
  • Added upgrade account button
  • Added latest waves and figures to home view on desktop devices
  • Optimized DB queries on activity feed
  • Updated notifications alert to show unread notifications count
  • Added link to users profile that shows the users activity feed
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing users to upgrade their account.
  • Packagings Index has infinite scroll
  • Added live notifications

May 13th 2021

  • Users can hide their activity from the feed

May 6th 2021

  • Users are notified when other users like their reviews.

May 5th 2021

  • Updated mobile topbar design
  • Added Notifications dropdown
  • Added Notifications index page
  • Disabled evil google FLOC headers. Learn more
  • Added dynamic social card to public wishlist
  • Added dynamic social card to public collection
  • Link to share collection

May 4th 2021

  • Link to share wishlist
  • Rearranged profile sections

Apr 30th 2021

  • Legendsverse complete facelift

Apr 29th 2021

  • Added custom figures to My Collection
  • Displays photos can be changed

Apr 23th 2021

  • Reviews can be liked by users
  • Added reviews to figures
  • Added reviews form
  • Added reviews to timeline

Apr 22th 2021

  • Added activity feed to profile
  • Cover photo can be updated on profile
  • Moved stats from dashboard to profile
  • Custom figures can be edited
  • Custom figures can be removed

Apr 21th 2021

  • Displays can be edited
  • Displays can be removed
  • Updated profile view
  • Added settings view
  • Added username to users. (This will play out soon, once the app goes social)
  • Added profile pic to users. (This will play out soon, once the app goes social)

Apr 20th 2021

  • Added release notes page and notifications
  • Added Hasbro Ursa Major wave
  • Added Toy Biz Galactus wave
  • Added Toy Biz Sentinel wave
  • Added Toy Biz Apocalypse wave
  • Added the capability to remove a custom collection

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