Hasbro Fan First Thursday 26th

This streaming was really packed with announcements about the new Excalibur set, HasLab Galactus updates, NWH wave missing figures reveal, an official announcement of the Eternals Wave and two really cool army builders. Let's get started

Eternals Wave

The Eternals wave includes a lot of figures. Personally I don't collect MCU figures, and I've never read anything about the Eternals so I'm not really excited for this movie. The second trailer looks really entertaining though. So, for me, this wave it's not interesting at all. But we got some cool head sculpts, and a really cool looking deluxe figure. The release date hasn't been announced and the figures are not for preorder yet. But will be this fall. I'll keep you posted once they do. This wave includes:

Eternals Gilgamesh BAF Gilgamesh BAF
Eternals Deluxe Kro Deluxe Kro
Eternals Target Exclusive Thena Thena
Eternals Walm-Mart Exclusive Ajak Ajak
Eternals Ikaris Ikaris
Eternals Sersi Sersi
Eternals Sprite Sprite
Eternals Druig Druig
Eternals Makkari Makkari
Eternals Phastos Phastos
Eternals Kingo Kingo

We are missing Jon Snow's Black Knight character though. Maybe will be released as an exclusive once the character has been revealed?

No Way Home Wave

The No Way Home wave is really weird IMO. It only has 4 movie figures and the rest are comic and Gamerverse figures, also the BAF Figure is a B-Tier villain that looks massive. I'm pretty sure this body mold can be reused for other giant characters like Rhino and A-Bomb? Let's hope so.

Armadillo BAF Figure Armadillo BAF
Integrated Suit Spider-Man Integrated Suit
Black & Gold Suit Spider-Man Black & Gold Suit
J. Jonah Jameson J. Jonah Jameson
Dr. Strange Doctor Strange
Shriek Shriek
Morlun Morlun
Walmart Exclusive Walmart Exclusive

That's why I think there's at least one more wave related to the NHW movie that hasn't been revealed to not spoil the movie plot.

Excalibur Box Set

Excalibur Box Set

This is a long time rumored set, finally officially announced. I've never read Excalibur, but everyone looks to be very excited for this box set even though it's missing Rachel figure. Let's hope it is released later on as a deluxe figure with several accessories. The box set includes:

Excalibur Shadowcat Shadowcat
Excalibur Captain Britain Captain Britain
Excalibur Megan Megan

Army Builders

There were two army builders packs revelealed. The Skrull army builder with two new weapons and two different head sculpts. Not sure if one of the head sculpts is the same to the Super Skrull one. And the more amazing one, a Two-pack SHIELD agents army builder with tons of accessories. I think we haven't had a SHIELD agent figure since 2016 Nick Fury.
Skrull Army builder Skrull Army builder
SHIELD agents Army builder SHIELD agents Army builder

HasLab Galactus update

HasLab Galactus & Silver Surfer And last but not least. Galactus got funded and already reached the Nova Stretch goal, a second stretch goal was revealed. A really cool looking Silver Surfer with a new head sculpt, I think a new color and a really cool base that can be placed on Galactus hand. And the stretch goal is 17,000. So I think it's really possible that the goal will be reached before the funding ends.
HasLab Silver Surfer
HasLab Nova

So that's it. Will see you again when more figures get revealed! As soon as the NWH wave is added to HasbroPulse I'll add it to the checklist. And if you got any comment or suggestion please reach to me!