Legendsverse will be a social app

Yesterday I decided to stop sending so many newsletters and instead start communicating the releases here in the app. I think this is better because everyone will be able to see every new feature, wave, or figure added to the app. And I'll have a place where I can actually see the progress I've been making.

I know the past few weeks were very slow. I wasn't working on Legendsverse as much as I'd like, and honestly I was being dragged away by other projects I'm working on. There are several factors that contributed to this, and I'll talk about them in a coming blog post. But that won't happen again. And this past days I've been working a lot, and finally I know where the app is heading.

Profile screenshot

Legendsverse is going social.

I recently released some updates that are paving the road for a social Legendsverse app, like having a username, a profile pic, and being able to receive notifications. In the coming weeks I'll be shipping updated that wil let you share your collection, view other users collections, and wishlist. There will be an activity feed. You will be able to contact other users, like their displays, collections, share reviews, actual trading, among other things. I'm super excited and I haven't felt this way in a few weeks. And I can't wait to show you the new Legendsverse app