Hasbro Fan First Streaming – Beyond Amazing

Was this the best Fan First Streaming ever, or what? Honestly, it was BEYOND AMAZING.

This has been my favorite FF, and I've been here for more than a year. There were a lot of amazing updates that, honestly, I wasn't expecting. This is also the streaming I'm getting more figures of. My wife is going to kill me.

Dan Yun expectations tweet

After this tweet, I wasn't expecting much, but Dan played us.

But then the streaming started! 🤩

FF Streaming countdown

The first topic the HasbroPulse team discussed was the second Disney+ wave with Mr. Knight, Moon Knight, Clint, and Kate figures. The team didn't show the other figures from the wave, but we can assume that two of the figures yet to be released will be She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, what other figure? Your bet is as good as mine.

Disney+ Wave 2

For those of you that don't know these figures will complete the Infinity Ultron from the What If series.

Infinity Ultron

The next reveal was the Thor: love and thunder wave that was already being sold in supermarkets.

Infinity Ultron

What I found funny is that I don't think no one realized that the Mjolnir that Jane is wielding is a reconstructed Mjolnir with cracks all over.

Dwight holding Mjolnir prop

And this is where stuff started getting waaaay more interesting.

First Ryan teased the upcoming Spider-Men figures from NWH, explaining how it takes up to 16 months to design, develop, and ship new figures to retailers.

Spider-Men announcement

After that, we got our first major reveal, and make sure you have your seatbelts because things start to get wild from this point:

Ned Leeds & Peter Parker Two-pack

Ned Leeds & Peter Parker Two-pack

This set includes a Ned Leeds figure with a masked head and a backpack, and a Peter Parker with an extra head, fist hands, a backpack, and a notebook.

Into the Spider-verse: Spider-man Noir & Spider-Ham

Spider-Man Noir & Spider-Ham figures

This Spider-Man noir figure looks AWESOME. The texture in the mask and coat looks incredible and also has an extra head without the hat. It also includes the same Spider-Ham that was included with Spider-Gwen in the original Stilt-man wave. And it's a Target exclusive in the U.S., and Toys R' Us exclusive in Canada 😢

Spider-Man Noir design

Hopefully won't be hard to get outside those countries.

Sad Ben Affleck gif

20th Anniversary Toad

20th anniversary Toad figure

This was one of my favorite reveals of the Streaming. The team took a while to show this figure but I think it was worth the wait. The design and colors are awesome. And that huge tongue looks incredible. Definitely getting one.

With this figure, the first Toy Biz Marvel Legends wave has been completely recreated by Hasbro and all of them look great.

20th anniversary Marvel Legends series

Beyond Amazing - Iron Spider

Iron Spider figure

This figure was already revealed a few months back, but we didn't have an official pre-order date. If I'm being honest I'm not a big fan of this costume, but the figure looks solid. The colors are neat and shiny and the body mold looks great. Would have loved to have it in the retro carded body mold, but this is definitely an awesome figure.

Beyond Amazing - Stealth Future Foundation Spider-Man

Stealth Future Foundation Spider-Man figure

This is a figure I'm not getting. It looks great, very neat, but I'll wait for the original Future Foundation suit. Hopefully will be released in the retro carded body mold in the future. The cool thing is that it has a spider web effect that looks great.

Beyond Amazing - Silk & Doc Ock Two-pack

Silk & Doc Ock figures two-pack set

This is a great two-pack. On one hand, we get an upgraded Doc Ock with new face sculpts.

Doc Ock figure

On the other hand, we get an upgraded Silk with new head sculps and the upgraded Shriek female body mold. This is an Amazon exclusive, but hopefully won't be too hard to get! 🤞🏽

Silk figure

King in Black & Winged Venom Two-pack

King in Black & Winged Venom figures Two-pack set

This was one of the highlights of the streaming. The King in Black figure that was teased several months ago will be released in a Two-pack with Venom, but not any regular Venom, it is an awesome Winged Venom in the Movie Venom body mold.

King in Black Figure

I've never owned a Venom figure, and If I'm getting one it will definitely be this one. This is a Venom figure you can't miss.

Winged Venom Figure

Renew Your Vows Two-pack

Renew Your Vows Two-pack set

This set looks incredible. A Spinneret figure in the upgraded female body mold, with a few pairs of hands, and unmasked Mary Jane head sculpt 😍

Spinneret figure

A new Spidey figure with an upgraded retro body mold pinless, toes articulation, open hands, and a Peter Parker head sculpt!

Upgraded Spider-Man figure

This set looks incredible.

Upgraded Spider-Man & Spinneret figures

Retro Lizard

Lizard figure

A new Lizard figure is being released as a Wal-Mart exclusive

Sad Ben Affleck gif

This is a new figure, less dinosaur, more lizard, with a retro head sculpt, and a bendy wired tail. The pre-order date wasn't announced, hopefully, will be live soon!

Lizard figure

And now my favorite reveals of the night...

Excited gif

First-Appearance Spider-Man

Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider-Man figure

This is a completely new figure, the body mold is kind of similar to the upgraded retro body mold from the RYV set, but it's a completely different one, smaller, less bulky. Also, this figure has TONS of items

  • 8 pairs of hands
  • 2 spider webs
  • 4 web wings
Amazing Fantasy #15 Spider-Man figure with items

If you are getting a Spidey figure this year. Make sure that this is it.

And that's it for today folks.

Thanks to the Marvel Legends team at Hasbro it's so obvious how much you guys work, and the passion you have for Marvel characters.

Marvel Legends team you are the real MVP

For me, this is one of the best FF streamings I've watched. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, requests, or feedback!