Legendsverse has become (kind of) a social app

This is it. What I've been working for the last couple of days, weeks, actually. Every update, every taken step in the past weeks has been leading to this. And, oh boy, what all this is leading to. I couldn't be more excited. This is the first time the app will enable members to communicate, and by "communicating" what I really mean liking each other activities.

Hopefully, pretty soon we will have ways to comment each other displays, reviews, collections, wishlists, and so on.

So yeah, Since my first post this feature is the one I wanted to actually ship. But, I learned to not tackle big enough features in just one push. It can get a little frustrating to work on something for several weeks and don't being able to actually ship it until is complete. So I approached it different this time. I set up a roadmap with all the necessary stuff needed to ship an activities feed. And if you've been logging into the app regularly or reading the updates and release notes you'll notice a trend. First I developed the profile page, added the reviews, added the option to like reviews, started collecting some activities here and there, added the notifications, then I updated the layout, updated the notifications, and so on. I tried to take the smallest shippable steps to get to this point. Once I had all those features ready and released I could just fill in the gaps to have an activity feed.

I was so tempted to call this something like Legedsverse 2.0, but the truth is, there have been so many updates, so many bug fixes, so many upgrades, that the app feels like a living thing, that is constantly growing and evolving, and I wasn't comfortable calling it a version 2. At least not yet. I'd even say that we are still on V1.

I'm super excited of where this is heading: Comments, posts, polls, public displays, collections, grails, actual trading.

So, starting today, you will be able to view other members activity, like adding figures to their collection, creating custom collections, uploading displays, adding figures to their wishlists and leaving reviews. And if someone likes your activity you'll get a notification, inside the app. No push, no emails, yet. But soon I'll ship a notifications settings feature.

Also, you'll notice that the activity feed has an infinite scroll. This is a feature that I've been trying to use on waves listing, figures listing and so on, so hopefully you'll see that in those lists too.

So, give it a try and let me know what you think. I'm pretty sure there will be some bugs. And if there's something that you think it's missing let me know and I'll find a way to tacke that.The next step is being able to view other members profiles, collection and wishlist, hiding your activity, removing activity, hiding your profile and all that stuff.