New Trading Feature

This is a feature I've been trying to accomplish for a few months now. Actually, a few months ago I released something similar in MyLegendsChecklist with no luck. It wasn't used not even once. The truth is it wasn't good, because there was no way for traders to communicate, and it required an eBay link. Now, this is my second attempt to it.

I took this long with this feature because I've struggled a lot in how to let members communicate between them without exposing their private data like name or email address, and I'm not ready to develop a messaging service within Legendsverse. That's a ton of work, that I rather spend on more important features, at least for the time being.

Then a week ago I started working on a side project called DM Bugle. A tool to help makers and creators to send newsletters through Twitter DMs. While working on this project I was able to link users with their Twitter account, and then it hit me. I could use the same for Legendsverse. I could link Legendsverse accounts with Reddits, and this way users would be able to communicate with other collectors without the need of an in-house solution at Legendsverse

So, whenever you post a figure for trade any other Legendsverse member will be able to get in touch with you through Reddit.

For the time being, this feature is available for members only, and every trade posting will live for a month, after that you can post the trade again, also, you will need to link your reddit account to your Legendsverse account. This is needed because, it will be the only channel to communicate with the person you are willing to trade with.

In coming days I'll add useful features like:

  • Search and filter tradings
  • View member tradings
  • Trade postings visits stats
  • Watch open trade postings
  • Notifications when a figure you are looking for was posted for trade
  • Notifications when someone watches a trade you posted
  • Manage trade postings
  • Custom social cards

And I have some ideas, that I'm not sure how could I tackle

  • featured postings
  • extend postings life
  • Post trading on reddit
  • Post trading on facebook

So, go ahead and give this feature a try! Start trading

Please, let me know what you guys think, what suggestion, feedback, question or request you may have, and I'll gladly get back to you ASAP

By Alejandro Medina

On Jun 24th, 2021