Marvel Legends collection tracker

Don't let your collection get out of hand. Add photos to quickly identify each of your figures, highlight your grails, and identify your loose and MIB figures. With the ability to track acquisition prices, you'll always know what's in your collection and its current value.

Don't let your collection get out of hand

Organize your collection like never before! Filter by teams, grails, and MIB figures, group them in hauls, and add notes to each item. Keep your collection in order and easily accessible.

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Identify your figures.
Got the Stepford Cuckoos? Upload a photo to identify Celeste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe and Sophie.
Collection investment.
Track your investment in real-time! Set acquisition prices and get an accurate view of your collection's value.
MIB or Loose.
Easily filter and identify your figures as MIB or Loose and keep track of your collection market value.
Groups & teams.
Put all your Dark Avengers togeter, or maybe all your Disney+ figures. The choice is yours.
Collection grails.
Easily identify the grails in your collection and showcase them with pride.
Easily keep track of purchase details, missing accessories, or figure state. This is the place to do it.
Blazing fast.
Legendsverse is developed with the most up to date web technology. Its as fast as is beautiful.
Legendsverse is a privacy focused product. All it tracks is your collection for you, your data remains yours.
Mobile friendly.
No matter where you visit Legendsverse either your phone or your computer. It will just work.

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Take your Marvel Legends
collection to the next level.

Legendsverse's ad-free and lightning-fast collection tracker helps you manage your collection expenses, track your collection market value, and curate your wishlist effortlessly