Why isn't Legendsverse free?

Since October 2020, I've been working on Legendsverse, and I've loved every minute of it. What I'm aiming for here is to provide the finest possible experience for other Marvel Legends fans. It's a great side project, but it needs to be something bigger to succeed. It must have a business model. Otherwise, it will perish. The main Legendsverse website is completely free. You may read what members have to say about figures, see every released wave and even the current market worth of some figures, see which figures come with which BAF part, download a spreadsheet with all the website data, and more.

Uploading display photographs, adding figures to your collection, adding figures to a wishlist, and tracking your collection worth are among the capabilities that aren't available. Are you curious as to why?

Because this project is not supported by a large corporation. It's self-funded! It's simply me trying to be consistent and working on it after or before my day job for a few hours each day. Hasbro or any other large fish does not fund me. This is an entirely self-funded project that I am working on with the help of fellow collectors, redditors, and paid members. "Why not use advertising?" some could argue. Do you really want an ad-filled website? Do you really want a website that tracks and sells the information of its visitors? I don't. Legendsverse is a website that prioritizes privacy. Because I do not track your data, you will not see a cookie banner on my site. I'm not interested in learning where you live or what other websites you've visited. All I want to do is create the ultimate Marvel Legends collecting experience for fans.

I'm not aiming to make easy money by working on this site; I'm doing it the hard way. However, that is the right one. Since the beginning, I've been trying to make money so that Legendsverse can continue to exist. I'm not trying to be a millionaire or anything. I need to make money in order to continue working on Legendsverse. It may be done in a nefarious way, such as selling user data or flooding the website with advertisements, but I will not do so. As a result, the best approach to help Legendsverse thrive and expand is to ask for your support.

So if you have tried the website, if you think it is a valuable asset, please support Legendsverse and become a paid member.